Fiber laser is the best choice when machining & cutting metal

In the world today, laser technology is the most advanced method, being widely applied in metal cutting, engraving, and processing. Going into detail, this mechanical processing technology is classified based on the type of laser source that each source is suitable for different materials. Specifically, for non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Aluminum... Laser Fiber is probably the first choice when processing.

1/ Non-ferrous metals (Copper and Aluminum): properties and applications

The most common and widely used non-ferrous metals today are Copper and Aluminum. In general, non-ferrous metals generally have the following properties:

– Low melting point, convenient when smelting, cutting, forging, etc.

– Not corroded over time, quite chemically stable but not

– Good thermal and electrical conductivity

- Relative price



Aluminum is often used in a variety of fields: The industry of manufacturing machinery and machine parts for ships, aircraft, other machinery...; Making special wrapping paper; Making building materials; Manufacture of furniture; Used as a material that conducts heat or conducts electricity; Used in chemistry and special sciences (Space, ...)

Copper is also a non-ferrous metal with many applications in life: Manufacture of components and machinery; Manufacture all kinds of copper pipes and pipes; Manufacture of electronic equipment, car components, aircraft...; Producing power lines, telecommunication caps…; Materials for the furniture industry…

2/ Laser metal cutting technology

Laser metal cutting technology is a method ​​of CNC machining​ using a special projector, the laser beams are especially focused at one point to actively increase the energy, creating heat to burn the surface of the material to be processed. The heat and wavelengths generated can affect many types of materials: leather, wood, metal, etc. In order to cut the required metal, the resulting beam must actually contain an extremely large amount of heat, burn deeply, and often have to burn longer when etching. The laser engraving machine is programmed using specialized cutting-engraving software. Connect to a smart computer. From there, based on the sample files for engraving, cutting requirements to make ... Therefore, it is not difficult to engrave all kinds of motifs, images, words ... according to availability requirements.


3/ Characteristic Fiber laser for non-ferrous metal processing

Fiber laser, also known as optical fiber laser, is considered the leading laser technology for processing non-ferrous metals today. This laser technology uses diodes, the laser beam is transmitted through a specialized optical cable, when diffused from the optical cable, it will be pulled straight and focused by a special lens on the surface of the material. Fiber Laser can Engraving (engraving); Engraving peeled material (removing); Etching materials, etching. This laser is 200% more effective than conventional CO2 lasers, with no need for other optical glasses. The converging lenses are built-in when cutting, so there is no need to disassemble them as many times as when cutting with a CO2 Laser.

Fiber Lasers have many advantages when it comes to cutting non-ferrous metals, including:

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Saving power should reduce operating costs to the lowest level
  • Extremely suitable for cutting thin materials (from 1 to 3mm)
  • For materials with reflective surfaces, it does not affect the machine.
Therefore, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum can also be cut easily. However, people usually only use Fiber Laser to cut thin materials. As for materials from 5mm or more, the CO2 Laser is still a better choice.

4/ Where is the best place to process non-ferrous metal with Fiber Laser?

With outstanding advantages, it is easy to understand that the Fiber Laser CNC cutting machine comes at a rather expensive price. Especially with high-quality products imported from abroad, small and medium enterprises will have to be very careful when intending to own this technology. Therefore, if customers do not have the need to process non-ferrous metals continuously and regularly, finding a low-cost laser cutting specialist in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with high quality is the optimal solution. And Lasercut is the perfect solution that customers who want to process metal and non-ferrous metals by this advanced method can fully trust. Coming to Truong An TAG, customers will be supported wholeheartedly with the most reasonable price.

Truong An TAG's CNC laser metal cutting technology can cut and process sheet metal with "huge" thickness: cutting iron up to 25mm thick, cutting brass up to 12mm thick, cutting aluminum and stainless steel up to 16mm thick. These are the thicknesses that only Truong An TAG can make on the Vietnamese outsourcing market today. In particular, customers wishing to cut Plasma will be preferentially processed by Laser technology with a price similar to Plasma. Possessing 2 modern sheet and 1 tube laser cutting machines along with experience as a leading CNC Laser machine manufacturer, Truong An TAG ensures maximum processing speed and fast delivery after only 2 project dates. Truong An TAG also implements a full-service package to reduce costs and efforts of customers when providing complete on-site transportation and installation services. Free delivery (radius less than 10km) with orders from 20 million VND or more.

Want to process metal quickly, quality, and economically: visit or call Mr. Tu 0909 208 069

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